Sonoma Valley Wine Girl Falls for Autum Decor?

imageA very dear friend of mine made this beautiful Fall wreath for my entryway! She knows I like to celebrate the “Seasons”! You can hear the “cackle, cackle” from my east coast cousins (aka J) who doesn’t believe California has 4 destinct seasons? But we do, we HAVE to so we don’t get bored with 79 degrees and sunny all year round!?

There is so much good in world all around us! Sometimes it’s a thoughtful gift from a friend, and/or their forgiveness when you haven’t been a such a good friend. These are the gifts we recognize, we pay attention to, and it fills our heart with appreciation.

I have an idea: let’s pass it on, pay it forward, or just take a moment to have coffee with a lonely person. The decorations are already up so let’s get a jump ahead on our holiday cheer?


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